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Deformable Mirrors
Adaptive Optics corrects the distortions induced by the atmospheric turbulence on the images taken by ground based telescopes. As much as the telescope size increases this correction is important to exploit the theoretical resolution of the telescope. Usually AO correction is performed by means of deformable mirrors placed at the focal plan of the telescope. Our technology represents a novel approach to this problem: with the adaptive secondary project started by P.Salinari at Osservatorio di Arcetri in 1993, for the first time AO correction was implemented directly on the telescope main optics, the secondary mirror. Since then we delivered four units for telescope operations: the MMT, two LBT and the Magellan adaptive secondary mirrors. We are now working on the integration of the ESO DSM for their AOF programme and we have completed the feasibility and preliminary design studies for the deformable mirrors of the future GMT and E-ELT projects. Click on the pictures listed above to access more details of each one of these realizations.
Together with our partners Microgate and INAF we are capable of supplying complete AO systems designed on Customer's demands.
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