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Hexapod & Linear Actuators
For many years ADS specialized in the design and construction of hexapod mechanisms suitable for the active control of the optics on large telescopes. Payloads ranging from 300 Kg to 3500 Kg are actively positioned with an accuracy of few or less than a micron displacements and arcsec rotations. Hexapods are superior to other serial mechanisms for positioning purposes, mainly for their better stiffness and for a more flexible trajectory control. ADS covers the entire design and production process of such devices including their control systems, thus delivering to the Customer a fully tested and calibrated unit. We developed a power and control platform which is common to all these applications. It comes in standard 19" racks and the controller is based on Delta-Tau UMAC system, which is a top level industrial standard for multi axis controllers. The SW embeds real time kinematics solver and it is fully parametric in hexapod geometry. A high level user interface is made by a set of commands for movement control and diagnostics based on a proprietary communication protocol running over most common communication links.
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