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MMT 336
LBT 672
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GMT 4704
E-ELT 5352
Deformable Mirrors: # of actuators
GMT Adaptive Secondary Mirror
ADS together with Microgate is doing the Final Design of the GMT Adaptive Secondary Mirrors unit. This system is actually composed by a cluseter of seven separate deformable mirrors, copying the pattern of the telescope primary mirrors. Each unit is a self standing DM with its own positioner. The design of each DM is derived from our current design developed for the LBT and VLT cases, thus making the DM of this ELT feasible without needing major technology improvements.

Each unit features the following properties:
  • diameter = 1050.3 mm (central unit) and 1041.5 mm (off-axis units)
  • # of actuators = 672 (4704 actuators altogether)
  • settling time < 1 ms
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