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The DLA2-Ku antenna system has been designed to meet the most stringent industry quality standards and to be suitable for both fixed and rotary wing aircrafts according to RTCA/DO-160G standards.

It features a tuneless high-precision waveguide array antenna and a dual axis stabilized platform capable of achieving top notch speed and acceleration, yet offering a superb pointing accuracy, in a compact, light-weight assembly. 

The system can be offered including a custom high performance radome and can be pre-loaded with a tailored interface protocol, a diagnostics toolset and built in test capability.  Compliance to RTCA/DO-160G Section 16 category Z (power input) can also be offered upon request.


Thanks to its modular scalable architecture, the DLA2-Ku can be converted to our DLA2-C system, simply by replacing the antenna element, which is held in place by four standard size socket head screws.  L and S band versions are also on our roadmap for future development.


You can download the latest version of the DLA2-Ku datasheet here.



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